Premium Cable for 1 TV Per Month


Premium Cable for 3 TV's Per Month

                                 ‍‍‍ $‍‍‍75

Premium Cable for 2 TV's Per Month


Preloaded Builds Come with the Following


TV Shows‍‍‍

Works with or without Kodi (Very Easy to use)

Wired or Wireless Internet required

Internet speed recommendation is 10mbps & up

Premium Cable is Optional (Highly Recommended)

Allow 4-5 days for delivery to your  front door‍‍‍

Over 33‍‍‍0 Channels

Premuim TV Guide (EPG) ‍‍

Most are HD Quality

Customizable TV Guide

PPV | NFL Ticket | UFC | Movie Channels

Subscription is Per Month

Cancel Anytime!

Preloaded FireStick


Preloaded FireTV


See the Product in Action!  

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Step 1: Pick Your Device

Step 2: Choose How many TV's You‍‍‍ want to Watch Premium Cable on


If you do not want premium cable stop at Step 1! (Once you have made your premium cable purchase allow up to 4 hours to receive your login information and instructions on how to access the M TVGuide)

Once you complete your purchase on Step 1 for your device you will be redirected back to this page to continue with Step 2 and can purchase your premium cable subscription

All Premium Ca‍‍‍ble packages come with the following